Bear Meadow Fret Calculator

Here is a an on-line fret calculator with several unique features:

  • Selectable Scale length (so what's new with that?)
  • All non-diatonic frets clearly indicated in red
  • Fretting accuracy indicator

To use the accuracy indicator, plug in your estimated error in cutting frets. The usual rule of thumb with tool and die makers is that your accuracy is worse by about half the smallest division on your ruler. So, if you are marking to the nearest thousandth, your error can be as much as plus or minus 5 ten-thousandths. If your marking to the nearest 1/64", your error can be as much as 1/128" on either side.

How much accuracy is needed in placing the frets for precise tonal production? This question can be a vexing one when we are trying to establish a method for cutting the fret slots. For a fuller discussion see Fret Accuracy.